LinesMan Western Front-1:20,000 scale maps (GWD-LINE20-V2)

  • LinesMan Western Front-1:20,000 scale maps (GWD-LINE20-V2)

LinesMan Western Front-1:20,000 scale maps (GWD-LINE20-V2) - £114.95

Included in the box on USB memory stick:

  • More than 1,100 1:20,000 scale British trench maps of the Western Front including a backdrop of 1:40,000 scale British maps in France & Belgium all geo-referenced to make on-screen navigation simple
  • Trench vector overlays
  • Trench map index
  • Memory-Map software which enables you to
    • Simple tools to view all the maps - navigate between maps and merge adjacent maps to improve clarity
    • Create routes, waypoints and tracks to your GPS
    • Plan routes – see leg distance, compass bearing, total journey length and time
    • Print your own custom maps – create unlimited personalised maps from your PC
    • Transfer maps to Android devices (iOS iPhone / iPad devices are currently not supported)
    • Plot position – moving map display – your real-time GPS position displayed
    • Performance review – import GPS tracks to see where you’ve been, speed and distance covered
    • LinesMan: Innovative software presenting historical map data on a modern digital platform.
    • With this product you can install it on 3 different devices i.e. a PC, tablet and smartphone

Note: There is no 3D terrain analysis and height data in this product.

Whilst LinesMan Western Front 1915-18 1:10,000 trench map product is the most popular, it should not be at the expense of this 1:20,000 trench map product. In the words of Lieutenant Colonel Ewan Jack, Maps GHQ, BEF, a key figure in Great War cartography, "The 1:20,000 was the map commonly used by the Artillery, and as trenches could be shown on it in sufficient detail to be of use to the infantry it was the most useful scale of all, and the one that could least easily be dispensed with." Report on Survey on the Western front, 1914–1918, Published in 1920, HMSO. By Colonel E.M. Jack

Licensed for private and non-commercial use only

Maps: These can be copied to a PC/laptop (recommended) or be used from USB.
PC: Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP. Internet connection required for product registration (MS Surface-Pro is NOT supported).
MAC: Apple Mac OS. Internet connection required for product registration.
Mobile: Android smartphone/tablet only. Apps available separately.

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