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Trench Maps of the Great War
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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Great War Digital have launched three updated products of LinesMan trench maps.

LinesMan The Somme      LinesMan The Somme     LinesMan Ypres

Or if you are looking for easy mobile use of GPS enabled WW1 Western Front trench maps see our LinesMan2Go page where you can purchase a fully functioning tablet preloaded with over 800 geo-referenced digital images of British 1:10,000 scale trench maps - just switch on and go! 

    LinesMan - PC based innovative software presenting historical map data on a modern digital platform
BUY LINESMAN WW1 TRENCH MAPS NOW at prices from £49.95

Battlefield tour guides, schools, museums, as well as individuals are purchasing LinesMan and finding it to be an invaluable tool for studying the Great War, planning trips to the battlefields of World War One and for use on a mobile device whilst traversing the Western Front. LinesMan has also proved useful in the research and recording of TV programmes relating to the First World War.

Feedback on LinesMan:

Just to say that we tested LinesMan around Ypres last weekend, and what a great experience it was!  Worked perfectly, it adds a whole new perspective when visiting the frontlines...

My guests on the front tour were amazed: LinesMan is a big plus to my battlefield guiding activities!


Just a quick email having returned from two Somme Battlefield Tours during which I used LlinesMan extensively.

I was very impressed with the 'Samsung' LinesMan2Go which was excellent throughout and easy to use.  It really does help to enhance the tour and negates the need to take loads of printed out trench maps.

Kind regards.



Not just a simple archive of trench maps, Linesman could be described as an 'interactive archive'.....For any serious student of the Great War, military historians, researchers, tour companies, regimental archives, local history researchers, etc etc, this product is an absolute must.

"We are delighted to be associated with LinesMan and to have our Battle Maps included in this superb innovative software."

Tonie & Valmai Holt

"...LinesMan is an absolutely fantastic product ..."

"...this has been my best purchase for many years!..."

"...it's a great product, I would be lost without it..."