LinesMan 20 DVD

Linesman 20

Innovative software presenting historical map data on a modern digital platform featuring:

  • 1000+ 1:20,000 scale British trench maps of the Western Front including a backdrop of 1:40,000 scale British maps in France & Belgium all geo-referenced to make on-screen navigation simple
  • Trench vector overlays
  • Trench map index
  • Latest Memory-Map V5 software which enables you to
    • View maps - select individual maps, navigate between maps and merge adjacent maps to improve clarity
    • Plan routes – see leg distance, compass bearing, total journey length and time
    • Print maps – create unlimited personalised maps from your PC
    • Program GPS – easily add routes, waypoints and tracks to your GPS
    • Plot position – moving map display – your real-time GPS position displayed
    • Performance review – import GPS tracks to see where you’ve been, speed and distance covered.
  • Fifty 1:10,000 scale British trench maps not previously published with LinesMan 10

£99.95 + postage & packing

Product Code: GWD-LINE20-V1

To access modern mapping and height data for 3D terrain modelling LinesMan 20 must be used in conjunction with LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918.